Loboc River Cruise

Loboc River is one of the major destinations of Bohol. But cruising the Loboc river is the main activity of the the mentioned river. The Loboc floating restaurant is the place to eat buffet while having the river cruise, which starts in the town of Loboc and travels upstream to Busay falls, where it’s known to be therapeutically relaxing. The Loboc river cruise is attracting both local and international tourists.

The town of Loboc has a young local talented choir called Loboc Children’s choir. The choir members have already traveled around the world by singing contest or by invitation. During special events, these young members of the known choir are sometimes invited on the Loboc river cruise to entertain tourists with their adorable voices. Folk dances such as tinikling, kuradang and others entertainment activities are also being presented during the Loboc River Cruise. Such entertainents can be singing by an individual or a group serenading the tourists on board.

Another captivating activity is firefly watching on a Loboc river cruise by the evening along the Loboc river. These wonderful creatures are easily seen on the evening by some trees nearby the river.

Loboc River

Loboc River is one of the big rivers in the province of Bohol. It is also knows as Loay River. Its main source is found in the center of Bohol in the town of Carmen. From there, the river takes a westerly course for a distance of about 1.5 kilometers then flows down south into Bohol Sea.

If you heard of a Loboc floating restaurant is what you really can find on the Loboc River. There are many activities done on the river such as river cruise on this floating restaurant, firefly watching and standup paddling. The tourism contributed a working opportunities for the locals of the town. Tourists can also see a closer aerial view of the Loboc River by taking the zipline ride at the Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park, which is also located in the town of Loboc