Bohol Tour – Panglao Island Tour Itineraries

Get ready to enjoy the historical spots and the scenic natural attractions during your Bohol tour in the island. The major historical spots of the island are the Spanish stone churches nearly in every town of the island. There are two towns in Panglao Island namely Dauis and Panglao. Each has old Spanish church built during the time of Spanish colonization in the state of Bohol.

Aside from these attractions of your Bohol tour, there are several white sand beaches especially the ones surrounding the Panglao Island. Snorkelers and scuba divers love to explore this island as it is known for different species of sea creatures and amazing coral reef formations. Staying in one of the great resorts of this paradise island is definitely worth spending your vacation.

Panglao Tour Itineraries

DAUIS CHURCH – Many people visit this church because of its known miraculous well inside the church. The water is believed to have healing powers and many have already attested it. Dauis Church is one of the oldest churches in Bohol, Philippines. But like other old Spanish churches in the island, this church also bore major damages during the 7.2 magniture earthquake in 2013. Pre-restoration works is ongoing at the moment.

HINAGDANAN CAVE – Experience to enter this cave that is naturally made of limestones. You can find the common stalacities here. On the other hand, this cave is lit with sunlight that passes through a couple of holes. You can also swim to the underground lake where the water is believed to be therapeutic.

BOHOL BEE FARM – This is one of the relaxing destinations on the Panglao island. A nature-inspired resort that offers healthy and delectable organic food for its healthy living campaign. The Bohol Bee Farm also offers their healthy locally made ice cream of different tropical fruit flavors. See more story…

NOVA SHELL MUSEUM – You really can’t stop yourself from admiring the beauty of each sea shell you can find on this tourist island and its number. There are seashells that could never be seen anywhere in the world but in the museum alone. There are also seashells that have never been classified.

BEACH TOURS – This tour is included in our Pagnglao Island Tour (Detailed). Panglao island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bohol. It’s the home to many lovely white sand beaches. You can unwind and relax on any of the beaches around the island or simply enjoy the water by the Alona beach coastline or other pristine white sand beaches surrounding the Panglao island.

PANGLAO CHURCH – The St. Augustine Church of Panglao, Bohol is located on the south-western side of the Panglao Island. The church is noteworthy because of its twin antique confessionals carved with grape and dove patterns.

DUMALUAN BEACH – This is included on our Pagnglao Island Tour (Relaxed). It is one of the favorite beaches of the locals including the international tourists. It provides toilets and shower rooms. It has a great space for outdoor activities. You can bring meats to grill there. It’s fun for the whole family or a group of people to come there to have a good swim and enjoy the view and the white sand beach.