Bohol Countryside Tour – Day Tour Itineraries

We offer the best Bohol countryside tour package of the island. The tour can be done in a day or few more days depending on the package selected by the tourists who book with us. Our Bohol countryside tour consists of showing the Bohol culture and the historical and natural tourist attractions.

When the tourists who book with us arrive in Bohol, we pick them up either at the Tagbilaran airport or seaport, then we drop them off at the hotel where they are staying. Before the day tour, we typically pick them up at their hotel and from there the tour of adventure begins. On the other hand, an option is provided to drive them straight to the scenic tourists spots upon their arrival so the time is used wisely in visiting different places conveniently. After the day tour, we drop off our tourists back to their hotel. When our tourists’ Bohol tour ends, we pick them at their hotel and drop them back either to the Tagbilaran airport or seaport.

You can be confident that our Bohol countryside tour is a worthwhile trip for you, your family and your group. A professional tourist guide can be provided upon your request. Additional fee is added for this request.

Bohol Countryside Tour Itineraries

BLOOD COMPACT SITE – Visit the blood compact history on the island. This features the first treaty of friendship through blood between the Spaniards and Boholanos on March 16, 1565. This event is known locally as ”Sandugo”. The Sandugo Festival is celebrated annually in the city of Tagbilaran on the month of July to commemorate the pact of friendship between the Spaniards and Boholanos.

BACLAYON CHURCH – A church that was built way back in the 16th century. View the Baclayon church, which is the second oldest stone church in the Philippines. Ongoing restoration of the ruins caused by an earthquake is near to its completion. However, tourists are still allowed to visit the designated areas of the church. Some religious artifacts and relics can be seen inside the church museum. See more story…

LOBOC RIVER CRUISE – Enjoy having a delightful lunch while a serenading group on board the Loboc floating restaurant is entertaining tourists with different songs. Take a good view of the tropical palms and trees along the Loboc River heading to the therapeutic Busay falls. After taking the river cruise, you can walk around the Loboc Tourism Complex. Another thing to do is to visit the unique souvenir items in the souvenir shops just within the vicinity. See more story…

TARSIER CONSERVATION AREA – You can find here the very peculiar smallest primates on earth, the tarsiers. They are endangered species, commonly called the “smallest monkey” due to its physical attributes similar to monkeys. This is a great way to see the tarsiers and take pictures without a flash in their protected habitat. See more story…

LOBOC ECOTOURISM ADVENTURE PARK – Take the exhilarating zip line ride and enjoy the breathtaking view at the height of 120 meters and overlooking the Loboc River. Experience some adrenaline rush in riding the Sui-slide (zip-line) and/or the cable car.

BAMBOO HANGING BRIDGE – This tourist spot is provided on the Package 1B Bohol Countruside Relaxed Tour. This is a fun tourist activity where we cross the Sipatan River in Sevilla, Bohol. It is tagged as one of the most spectacular foot bridges in Asia. The twin hanging bridge was built to provide shortcut travel for people between two barangays.

BOHOL MAN-MADE FOREST – The Bohol man-made forest is the only man-made forest in the Philippines. Thousands of mahogany trees were planted by locals in 2 kilometers. They are stretched densely in the towns of Bilar and Loboc. The wonderful erectile order of the mahogany trees make it very attractive to behold. The breeze on the atmosphere is also very relaxing so have a quick stop and take pictures.

BUTTERFLY GARDEN – Discover the house of butterflies on the island of Bohol in the town of Bilar. Bohol Butterfly Farden is home to hundreds of butterfly species established by our butterfly enthusiasts of the island. You can see the different stages of a butterfly’s development, as well as, the specimens of live and preserved butterflies and moths.

CHOCOLATE HILLS – See the enchanting Chocolate Hills and feast your eyes on the magnificent work of the mother nature, at least there are 1,268 hills that spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. It is one of the natural wonders in the world. Capture the panoramic view on its viewing deck as you take the 214 steps. See more story

APRONIANA GIFTSHOP – The day tour is not complete without souvenirs from your tour. Aproniana Giftshop is the perfect place to go and find plenty of souvenir items after your tiring yet enjoyable day of tour. Buy some gifts to bring home to your family and friends or simply buy a souvenir for yourself to take home with you.