Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm is one of the relaxing places on the island of Panglao. It is a nature-inspired resort and restaurant that offers organic food for its healthy living campaign. The farm is privately owned by Vicky Wallace. She prepares delectable meals fresh from her own farm. Vegetables and fruits used in their menu are organically grown so guests can be confident they are dinin healthy meals. The locals who are particular with their healthy living go to this restaurant not only to have a healthy dining experience but also to enjoy the scenery where the farm is located by a cliff overlooking the sea.

Bohol Bee Farm  has a restaurant called the Buzz Cafe in different locations in Bohol province. They also have few branches in Cebu province. It is considered one of the top restaurants in Bohol. Besides organic meals, Bohol Bee Farm also offers a healthy home made ice cream of different tropical fruit and vegetable flavors such as dragon fruit, mango, ube, durian, malunggay, guyabano, spicy ginger, etc. e. The farm also offers healthy and wellness products such as pure honey, guyabano tea, papaya soap, organic chips and many more. These ice creams and healthy products are also available in all their Buzz Cafe branches.

Bohol Bee Farm Tour

The farm has a walking tour that takes 30 minutes around the farm premises. It emphasis on livelihood projects. It starts with the herb and vegetable garden and towards to its crafting area, bee colony and production area. Everything that they do at the Bohol Bee Farm is simply inspiring not only the farmers but anyone who likes to grow vegetables on their own to practice organic planting.

The farm also introduces and teaches different livelihood activities as a way of giving back to the community. They promote a better environment with a hope that it can be populated by a happier and healthier people.